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Who We Are

Our service, like our logo, is 360 degrees, comprehensive.

  • F3 collaborates with you and your students to blend our design experience with your vision.
  • Our team assembles and installs ALL of your furniture. We built it...we’re kind of attached to it at this point!
  • We craft your custom furnishings under industry-leading environmental standards.
  • First year “Refresh Service”: Students are energetic! Our service guarantees that from every desk chair caster to every built-in electrical outlet on the night stand, everything is working like it did the day they moved in.
  • 3-10 year warranty is provided on each F3 product. Service plans are also available as your needs evolve.

Focus Groups

The design process begins with you and your students. We listen and deliver. F3 will organize and meet with your team and student focus groups, at your discretion, to discuss the features and design that really matter. We’ll even bring furniture for students to “test drive.” Our success is based on the simple idea that great input equals great output.

We can direct the process or follow your lead to suit your needs.